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Hop Poach

Posted on 2011.05.07 at 18:17
Went out and cribbed some hop-vine cuttings from a lady's yard in Fremont, feel all naughty about it. :D Don't know what kind they are, but preliminary research suggests it's a Sunbeam Golden Hop, which is apparently a hybrid derived in 1990 from a Saaz hop and whatever the local bees were carrying around. Brewing-wise, it's basically still a Saaz (mild, spicy, clean-tasting aroma hop) but as a garden plant it has pretty golden leaves and likes partial shade. Huh! Who knew.

...the Sunbeam is apparently one of the only hops sold as an ornamental, which this certainly was. So there you have it. I have a fancy-schmancy hop!

If anybody reading this likes to brew and wants to try some, look me up in a month or two. I will in all likelihood have much more than I need and will be happy to share. Make a hefeweizen or a nice English ale or something. I'm going to get some kit for one-gallon batches and see about perfecting a brown ale so I can mess it up with spices and pumpkin in the fall.

Posted on 2011.05.01 at 10:10


Oh god I can't stand it even a little bit. I'm going to take a bus to some random place and just wander the hell around, all day.

EDIT: Oh wait I'm not, I'm going to work on website code. But with lemonade.

Posted on 2011.04.29 at 21:00
I can't even remember where I got this image, but have a look:

Now, imagine a photo of swanky black gloves because I'm lazy and you know what black gloves look like.

Which do you think looks cooler? Gloves or filigree claws?

Posted on 2011.04.20 at 20:26
Dammit, I just had a super-terrific drink at Poquito's (which is brilliant) called a Cornerstone and straightaway I need a bunch of fernet. I mean I know what it -smells- like, I just need a bottle. And swanky bitters. And tiki grenadine. And cachaca, but pfffff, that's everywhere.

Here's the recipe:

I just cannot get enough of really complicated bitter things. This has, like, ALL the complicated bitter things. Best drink.


Beautiful good things and love and joy

Posted on 2011.04.17 at 16:19
Mourning Market today was super-nifty. I saw a lot of well-made things and more color than I expected, and it was generally dark and there were skulls and octopuses and lace and such, always pleasant. Got to talk to a lot of artisans.

I quickly discovered that I had stumbled upon the No Self-Confidence Warehouse.

Artisans starting out damn near ALWAYS undervalue their time, and a lot of them undervalue their skill as well. Basically undervalue everything. Lots don't even break even on materials. And that's easy to do when it's just a hobby and you're new to business, or when the economy's bad, or you're just hoping to get your name out there, etc.etc. This is a thing that happens. I've done it. I still do it.

So. Re: the bolded part. Two names I met today and want to get out there, who are new as new can be and badly undervaluing their excellent goods. I want people to go and look at them and buy their stuff and tell other people about it for two reasons:

1. Their stuff is beautiful and you're practically shoplifting it.
2. Eventually these people will figure out what their stuff is worth, in which case the prices will rise, or they will realize what they're bringing in isn't worth the hard work, at which point their stuff will no longer be available. Either way, you'd better jump on it now.

First: DIVULGEDCollapse )

Second, Delightfully Deviant.Collapse )

Enjoy. :D Get in while the getting's good, folks. Today was inspiring so I'm off to fuck up an attempt at panniers.


Building 619 gets cornholed, Holly is sad

Posted on 2011.01.11 at 21:09
God damn it, they;re tearing down Building 619 because of structural concerns over tunnel-boring. GOD DAMN IT. That place is an amazing hub of art and artists and I've gotten really attached to it over a couple years of visiting it on First Thursdays--and now it's going away! What the hell will happen to Dr. Johnny Wow? Brandon Bowman? The fellow who does the amazing cowboy and boxer paintings on the second floor whose name I can never remember? They've got to scatter like beetles. The good Doctor in particular, I kinda doubt if he'll bother to set something up again; the man is 70 years old and sales have not been good. And he's brilliant.

I'm being very selfish about this, because no doubt they're even more bothered by being booted out of some brilliant and cheap studio space, but I will miss the shit out of it there is literally nothing else like it in Seattle right now. At least not that I've ever heard of. If you know a place that's even remotely similar, I hope you'll tell me.

Super seal!


Posted on 2011.01.08 at 20:46
Right now, fermenting in the laundry room, is BEER. HOMEMADE BEER. seanb  and I spent most of the afternoon farming materials and boiling things and now all that's left to do is wait. It hasn't started fermenting yet, not appreciably--it's been just about three hours, and I'm given to understand that twelve is more customary before the big exciting bubbling happens.

I admit I'm at a bit of a loss what to call this stuff. The recipe is built on a gentle witbier frame but uses a darker malt and is pretty heavily hopped with plenty of other goodies in. The wort tastes like a horehound drop, minus the menthol and plus the beer. It is DELICIOUS and the beer will be considerably less sweet but will also be delicious. Should be about a month before it's ready: feel free to make suggestions on what to name it. There's going to be five gallons of this stuff, so if you're interested chances are good you'll be having some.

Anyone who suggests it be named Sex In A Canoe will get their beer over the head. :)

Bustle bustle little coal spots!


Posted on 2011.01.06 at 12:24
Ooof. Oddly worn-out, though the last few days have actually been pretty much back to normal work-wise. Maybe that's why. Feel kind of like a tidepool fish.

This is me.

       (*,){<   ~~ wigu wigu ~~

This was the holidays.

           . ,:._       ~-_
          .     `\        ~-_
                  |          `.
                ,/             ~-_
...... ..__..-''                  .~~--..__...----...
 (*,){<  ~ wigu

Little fish-me is really cute. :) Still lots to do but fish-me is enjoying having free time again, too. Last night I rolled and rolled with my little fins but I STILL cannot make a damn two-million-kilometer katamari.---...

Pancake bunny hop

TRON: Legacy review

Posted on 2010.12.18 at 13:25
Saw me some TRON Legacy last night, thought it was great. I heard a guy walking out behind me saying that he thought it would follow the same fandom trajectory as The Phantom Menace: people would walk out liking it and slowly realize that it was actually crap whereupon it would sink into a general consensus as a disappointment. I don't think so. I walked out liking it, and thinking about it a bit makes me like it MORE rather than less.

I love Old Mr. Flynn's gorgeously tailored EL-paneled clothes.

I love the proactive, thoughtful, adventure-seeking heroine (and her Jules Verne fangirling delighted me especially).

I love how Young Mr. Flynn is basically a brash punk and stays that way, but learns how not to be a jerk about it in the course of his adventures.

I love the way Old Mr. Flynn is sometimes Wise Jedi Master and sometimes a goofy old hippie, sometimes simultaneously.

I love Daft Punk's cameo.

I love watching this guy jump around and fight in the Rinzler outfit. Delicious.

So basically I'm completely satisfied with it as a very human not-all-that-profound story that nevertheless goes some neat places with tropes I often see handled badly. And it looks GORGEOUS and sounds AWESOME. Huge booming waves of sound. Huge incipient soundtrack purchase.

I am still delighted to have a photo of the real Light Cycle as the background on my cellphone.

Posted on 2010.11.03 at 14:00
Ugh. I'm chugging the hot lemon and getting my vitamins but I still feel like the bottom of a birdcage. Could be worse, I mean, at least I'm up and functional and I mostly sound like me--unlike Ariel, who sounds like Max. And Max is fine. Because he is a lucky bastard.

Anybody feel like suggesting easy recipes that contain vast quantities of:

1. Garlic
2. Chicken broth
3. Throat-sterilizing ingredients like peppers/alcohol/tiny shoggoths
4. All of the above

Something about that list is making me think Korean. Hm. Kimchi jjigae and soju, with shoggoth panchan?

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